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General maintenance


General Motor Maintenance:

Oil should be changed after every two club days at the track.  A minimum of 400ml of BRIGGS & STRATTON SYNTHETIC 4T RACING OIL must be used

If you don’t have one, get the magnetic drain plug.

Make sure the pulse tube for the fuel pump is not filling with oil. Make sure it is lower than the fuel pump itself so the pump does not fill with oil.

Wire tie the exhaust bolts in such a way as to keep them from rotating loose from the heat and vibration.

Add a wider flat washer on the exhaust bracket mount to give it more surface area to absorb the vibration.

Use a wide chain guard to keep your suit clean.

Clean the air cleaner often. Let it dry, then spray a light coating of K&N air filter spray on it.



No kinks in chain and chain is clean. Chain should have about 2cm of play up and down for tension.

Make sure the engine is aligned on motor mount. The torque and vibration of the motor will have a tendency to pull it off centre over time.

Gearing-The LO206 motor has an electronic rev limiter pre-set at 6100 rpm. Ideally, you want the motor to just reach the rev limiter at the end of any given straightaway. Depending on head wind, the motor might reach the rev limiter on one straightaway but not the other. Sometimes the draft will also cause you to gain more speed and you will end up bouncing off the rev limiter so gearing for this occurance is sometimes needed for racing.

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