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Grand Nationals 8 

Race at the largest Briggs LO206 event in the world - The CKNA Grand Nationals 8 in Newcastle Indiana, USA - October 2024


Terms and Conditions

KCNA Grand Nationals hosted at New Castle MS Park in Indiana, USA September 2024. For a driver that enters and competes (as per published Speedhive results) in at least 6 local Kartsport NZ club days and races in the Briggs LO206 Light, Briggs LO206 Heavy or Briggs LO206 Junior class in the 15 month period 1 January 2023 to 30th March 2024. You will also need to sign up on the attached form listed above.

The award will be as follows and include:

- free entry to a LO206 class (weight and age dependent)
- free complete kart to use at the race (chassis + engine)
- tyres for the race
- Economy flights return to the event from New Zealand

Any damage will be paid for by the driver and is not liable to Briggs SC Motorsport limited. 

More than one entry into the draw will void the entry

​History of any J1.9 offences or general unsportsmanlike behaviour will void the entry 

Insurance will need to be taken by the winner

The Maximum value of this prize is $6500 NZD including gst

This random supervised draw will take place after the 30th March 2024.

Should a winning drivers prize not be able to be accepted by a recipient for whatever reason and or utilised in any given year the prize and or the equivalent value of the prize
shall be carried over by Briggs SC Motorsport Limited to a subsequent year and or awarded to whoever and or however method meets KSNZ approval.

This will be a supervised random draw out of a hat run by Briggs SC Motorsport Limited under police supervision. Anyone racing in the LO206 class that meets the criteria above will be eligible to win this prize. 

Things can change and more than likely will. We reserve the right to change terms and conditions when needed and the result will be final. 

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